Combining my eastern wisdom on my approach to life, with my western knowledge of the professional world, makes me a valuable happiness expert, where I can help to transform professionals, so they lead their best lives.


What do I offer? I have a worldwide network of people that give me inspiration, a deep knowledge of the Eastern and Western culture, spirituality and essence of life. After living and working in Asia I developed my skills as a strategic partner, coach and, inspirator.

Too often I tried to show the world I was flawless in the hope that I’ll be liked and accepted by everyone.  But the reality is that I can’t please everyone and I shouldn’t try. I believe that the beauty of ourselves  lies in our vulnerability, our complex emotions, and our authentic imperfections.

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I have learned that happiness lies in accepting pain and suffering too. I have started to embrace fear by appreciating life’s changes. When I started accepting who I am, with a relaxed focus and being authentic, I opened myself up to real connections, real relationships, and real happiness.

Now in my role as an experienced architect of happiness, I’m ready to transform your frustrations into fulfillment, to unlock your potential, to create your happy and healthy life, and to help you rediscover your core values.



What else should you know about me?



I love yoga and running. Every week I visit a yoga class or two. I’m also fond of mindful running, this is where I can be mindful in outdoor activities. Exercise for me is also about taking care of myself and staying connected to my breathing.

Every day I meditate. By doing this I create a moment of reflection and stillness. I believe that consistency is the key to my happiness and wellbeing.

A healthy mind is also about healthy food. I love to cook good healthy food, getting inspiration from all over the world. My travels have definitely inspired me.

My travel, spirit, and photography, add much to my enjoyment of life. I love to explore the world and take great pictures to inspire others.

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